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ZIL being a sister concern of Givensee Group of Industries Ltd has active participation in CSR program of the group. It has direct contribution to the Old Home (BSPK), a charitable organization established in the year of 1987 by the Chairman & MD of the group of company, Mr. Khatib Abdul Zahid Mukul. This old home has been initiated to rehabilitate helpless old peoples from all walks of life. On 21st April 1995, Nobel prize winner Mother Teresa laid the foundation stone and BSPK stepped out her journey with a view to become one of the largest old home in South East Asia. Some other CSR activities where ZIL has direct or indirect contribution are: Water Treatment Plant Scholarship for Student Salary to Teachers Allowance to the old aged people Allowance to the Freedom Fitters Health & Safety Manufacturing Premises HIV/AIDS Awareness Program Social Contribution School