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ZIL has so far 8 business units which are numerically numbered from 1 to 8. However, all the 7 units are

involved in either flat bed manual knitting coupled with circular linking, winding, sewing and/or washing machines where as Zahintex-7 is involved with fully automatic knitting machines. All these 8 business units are located at 5 different places comprising 3, 50,000 sft of production space. Details of business units are as follows

Zahintex-1 & 8:  Located at Chhoydana, Board Bazar, Gazipur, Dhaka of Bangladesh.

Zahintex-2:        Located at 74/A, Konabari, Savar, Dhaka of Bangladesh.

Zahintex-3,4 & 7: Located at Bokran, Monipur, Gazipur, Dhaka of Bangladesh.

Zahintex-5&6:    Located at  Araishaprashad, Kaultia, Gazipur, Dhaka of Bangladesh.